I personally don’t believe that world is coming to an end on Saturday. Because well, only God knows when that is going to happen and this man who is saying that Judgement Day is Saturday…..has predicted this day TWICE before and it didn’t happen. I’m not going to buy into it. I love God and I believe in him. I may not be the best Christian out there but I try. Who knows…it COULD happen. It could happen five minutes from now, but who is to say? I’m not gonna lie and say that the thought hasn’t scared the living crap out of me because it has. But….to predict it and spread it all over the world is a little crazy to me. The bible says no man shall no the hour. I don’t know the actual long quote but that’s pretty much it. Well….who knows. If it DOES happen let’s hope everyone I love and care about makes it to Heaven with me. That is if I get taken…I probably wont. I believe in God but I cuss, have sex, drink, do not treat my body like a temple (tattoos…piercings…) I pray but not always. I don’t know. Why am I rambling? Just my thoughts…I guess. I don’t knowwwwwwww.